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IG Announcement to Tron Community-Offering, Airdrops & Rewards


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Date Published:

31 July 2018

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7 minutes


We have reached a pivotal point in the history of Intergalactic Gaming (IG).We are proud to announce the selection of Tron as the platform we use in the execution of our vision for the esports (competitive gaming) economy.

We have now officially issued the Intergalactic Gold (IGG) tokens on the Tron Network. The IGG tokens will play an instrumental part in digitalizing and tokenizing the esports industry.

[You Can Learn More About IGG Token Economics Here]

To celebrate IG joining the Tron family as a token within the ecosystem, we would like to inform the Tron Community about the following:


From Friday 3rd August 14:00~ you will be able to participate in the IG Project. You will be able to exchange TRX for IGG, at a heavily discounted rate pre-ICO. Please see below for more information.


Our full website will go live on the Friday 3rd August. The website will provide our community with a further insight into IG and our vision for esports.


We will be doing an 1:1 IGG Airdrop to the Tron Community. We will release information regarding the airdrop by Friday 3rd August 2018


We have had an overwhelmingly positive response to our announcement to launch our token on the Tron Protocol. We want to reward all the loyal supporters of the Tron ecosystem, particularly those that believe in Intergalactic Gaming. For this reason, we will be offering a significant portion of the total supply at a heavily discounted rate.

All users with a wallet on Tronscan will be able to participate by exchanging TRX for IGG on

Start of Offering: Friday 3rd August 2018, 14:00 (UTC)

Exchange Rate: 1 TRX* would give you 50 IGG

End of Offering: Wednesday 3rd October 2018, 14:00 (UTC)

Total Available IGG: 4 Billion IGG**

*At time of writing, 1 TRX = $0.034

**6 Billion will be used for Airdrops and providing rewards to our community. More info on Airdrops & Rewards TBA.

NB. 40 Billion IGG tokens are frozen for 3 months.


The way we interact with each other and exchange value has constantly evolved since the beginning of mankind. We have shifted from a time where we would use animals and gold as consideration for products or services, to an age now where we use currency that does not even physically exist (eg. bitcoin, ripple, tron).

There are over 2.2 billion gamers across the planet?-?that is 1 in 3 people! Mix the love of gaming with our inherent desire to compete and you get esports, an industry with the potential to be absolutely huge!

Esports is competitive gaming and has grown from an industry where prize pools were a few $100 to one that now generates millions in revenue and viewers. The esports fever is spreading fast as it breaks down geographical barriers in a way that traditional sports have often struggled with.

Despite the significant progress made by esports over the last few decades, the industry is still very young and has numerous hindering factors which are hindering the unimaginable potential from being realised. These limiting factors include poor gamer retention & replay value, limited accessibility and monetisation, to name a few.

We envisage esports to surpass traditional sports in the immediate future. However, for this to come to fruition?-?there needs to be extensive work done.


Intergalactic Gaming is a company headquartered in the UK but will operate globally. Although the company was incorporated in September 2017, the initial idea was conceived in 2015. The esports industry at a serious point of inflection so we feel it is the right time to begin executing our vision.

Intergalactic Gaming aims to be a market driving esports company that utilises the blockchain and underlying technology to disrupt the soon to be billion dollar industry. Our mission is to digitalise and tokenise the competitive gaming industry, particularly by creating a unique decentralised infrastructure that draws inspiration from traditional sports leagues.

More information about various aspects of our project will be released in time, when appropriate. We will be as transparent as possible to ensure a good relationship between ourselves and the IG Community, as they are the heart of our platform. We will look to release further information prior to and during the offering.

Thanks for reading! Please leave your thoughts and comments below and we will try respond in an appropriate space of time.

If you do have a urgent query?-?feel free to join our Telegram channel below and ask us directly!

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