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IG's Letter to the Tron Community


Naeem S, Josh R



Date Published:

24 August 2018

Read Time:

20 minutes




Total Supply:50 Billion IGG

Frozen Supply:40 Billion IGG

Exchange Rate: 1 TRX = 50 IGG

Softcap: 10 Million TRX

Hardcap: 120 Million TRX

Distribution of Available Supply:

  • 6 Billion - Offered to the Tron Community in exchange for TRX
  • 3 Billion - Airdrops & Community Rewards
  • 1 Billion - Community & Ecosystem Development

The remaining 40 billion has been frozen for 3 months. When these are unlocked in October, we will then pursue listings on exchanges. There will also be a 1:1 IGG airdrop following the unlocking of these tokens. More information on the distribution of the frozen supply will be released in due course.

Use Cases of IGG

Value of IGG will be determined by the market and hence susceptible to supply and demand economics. For there to be increased demand and adoption of a token, there must be real world use cases. Considering there are 2.2+ billion gamers across the planet, there will undoubtedly be interest in holding an IGG token

IGG will have extensive use cases for all key stakeholders within our esports ecosystem. This includes use cases for gamers (regardless of skill), teams, professionals, brands and the wider public (audience, fans, investors.).

We will reveal our use cases over the coming weeks. Here are a few;

  • Teams can pay their players a salary in IGG for completing matches whilst representing the team.
  • Utilised in the GGE to purchase products or commission services.
  • Prize Pools to gamers for Esports Competitions
  • Loyalty rewards to users

Use of TRX Raised:

We will provide a detailed plan as to how we will utilise the TRX raised. We have a lot of variables in place depending on the amount we raise. The more we raise, the more we can spend on aspects to ensure effective execution of our vision.

Key costs will be in the development of the platform and marketing to ensure we have mass adoption across the world.



There are two ways you can participate in the IG Project:

1. Tronscan Offering

You are able to login to your wallet on and then head over to 'Token' and click on 'Participate'

You will be able to find IGG on there from Friday 3rd August at around 13:00 UTC.

2. Seed Bot x Telegram Offering (recommended)

IG will host the first ever ICO utilising the Seed Bot and Telegram. This option will run for periods during the offering on Tronscan. First period will begin on Saturday 4th August to Monday 6th August.

The Telegram ICO will enable the Tron community to ask the core team questions about IG and exchange TRX for IGG at the same time (very simple with Seed Bot). Instructions on this will be released soon in the meantime, join our telegram channel

Link to our Telegram


We will carry out an initial 500M IGG Airdrop to the Tron Community that hold IGG, where the value received is based on relative Tron Power (obtained by freezing TRX).

This will be beneficial for the Tron community, TRX price and encourage voting as well! We will announce logistics of the airdrop and how to participate by the end of the week, giving enough time for all to become eligible and participate. We will look to carry out the airdrop between 10th - 12th August 2018.

We will carry out a number of additional airdrops over the coming months to reward the Tron Community, including a 1:1 Airdrop within 2 months

Thank you for taking the time to read our announcement. We hope it has provided much clarification on aspects.

There is a lot more information for us to reveal over the next few weeks.

Please follow us on our various social media channels to keep up to date with developments:

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