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Date Published:

09 August 2018

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Houston...we're live.

As IG went live on the Telegram app last week, our presence on the social networking platform has already resulted in the generation of a worldwide fanbase. A fanbase that continues to grow by the minute. The team at IG have worked tirelessly to provide the best service for all their Galacticans. On Saturday, we reached 100 new members on Saturday, and have reached 456 members by the end of Wednesday.

PSA: 05/08/18 100M IGG Airdrop Complete.

Intergalactic Gold (IGG) will facilitate the digitalisation and tokenisation of the competitive gaming industry on the Tron blockchain. Ultimately, the digital will prove to be fundamentally integral to their plans radically disrupt the esports industry.

Many of you will already know what an Airdrop is, but for those of you that don't, it's the distribution of free tokens to eligible members of the community. It is a method for blockchain companies to reward the early adopters of their project. We intend to continue to Airdrop generously to our community, as they are integral in the adoption of our platform.

IG's first Airdrop was carried out and completed on Sunday 5 August. We successfully distributed over 100 million IGG to over 360 holders on the Tron Network. Our distribution formula was based on the Tron Power and IGG held by the user. To be eligible, Galacticans had to hold at least 1000 IGG.

Next Airdrop: 26/08/18 1 Billion IGG Airdrop Scheduled

How do you top a 100 million Airdrop? With a 1 billion Airdrop, duh. We will be carrying out a 1 billion IGG to all eligible holders. We aim to carry out the Airdrop to users by 26 August based purely on their IGG holding. More details to be announced soon regarding eligibility in detail, but the more IGG you hold, the larger the slice of the pie you get! Simples. But remember guys, good things come to those who wait!

Welcome to the Future Amigos!

Late last month, Sesameseed and Rovak announced the launch of the Seedit Tip Bot. The Bot is now available for use on Telegram, and soon Twitter. It can be used tip others with TRX or other coins created on the Tron Network. The Seedit Tip Bot is currently utilised by the various organisations on the Telegram platform to disseminate tokens to their community.

On Friday 3rd August, we used the Seedit Tip Bot to launch the first ever Telegram ICO to our ever growing community. It enabled the Tron community to ask the core team questions surrounding the IG project, whilst also being able to participate in the project by exchanging some Tron (TRX) for IGG - all very simple with the Seed Bot. Direct contact with our core team enabled the Tron community to raise any concerns they may have with regards to the project before participating, subsequently instilling confidence in our project. The craze surrounding the IG Project is undoubtedly causing waves deep within the Tron Network, and beyond.

IG's First ICO Utilising the Seed Bot and Telegram - Tron Network

Omise, which recorded a market cap of $1 billion in September 2017 successfully utilised Airdrop by giving away 5% of the total amount of their Omisego token. Another organisation called the Blockchain Education Network use Airdrops as a means of spreading the awareness of cryptocurrencies, again ensuring positive traction. Has IG created a new trend with the first ever Telegram ICO? It certainly looks that way. IG provided a ratio of 1 TRX:60+ IGG, with generous tips to reward early adopters.

The results from the first five days of our ICO are exciting; an overview points at an increase in holders of 717% in 24 hours after the Airdrop, taking the figure now to 6,011 holders. We have reached 24% of our soft cap (2.4 million TRX), with approximately 438 million IGG in circulation.

Without running the risk of sounding cliche, these are truly mouthwatering figures. Following the rate of growth of our project, we anticipate reaching the soft cap well before our ICO end date (3 October 2018).

Does this highlight the innovative mindset of IG and what they want to do to disrupt the esports scene?

In following the new trend within crypto-space of utilising the Seedbot on Telegram, it will allow for continuous engagement between us and our community. Galacticans will be able to continually earn IGG as they add value to the IG project.

We pride ourselves in giving the community the power, so vote here for the Airdrop's minimum requirement

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