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Date Published:

11 August 2018

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Intergalactic Gaming has reached over 500 galacticans applications to the site! If you're one of those, then I hope you've read your emails to see that IG are celebrating the start of the Premier League; with a 10% bonus to anyone who buys over 10k TRX over the weekend!

I hope you've read your emails to see that IG are celebrating the start of the Premier League


IG prides itself in giving the community the power, so we've created a poll on twitter to vote for the Airdrop's minimum requirement:

Click here to interact with this tweet!

As you'll see it's rather tight, with it looking likely for users to hold at least 50k IGG for the airdrop. This seemed like a fair compromise considering the current results (It's still not finished so could change).

Further information regarding the airdrop TBA this weekend!


Played fantasy football before? Or even just know what football is? Well, we highly recommend you signing up to the IG fantasy football league to be in the chance of earning some IGG!

Sign up:

Entry Code: 1925982-442349

There will be weekly prizes in IGG and 1M IGG to the winner of the league!

ICO Progress

The results from the first five days of our ICO are exciting; an overview points at an increase in holders of 717% in 24 hours after the Airdrop, taking the figure now to 6,011 holders. We have reached 24% of our soft cap (2.4 million TRX), with approximately 438 million IGG in circulation.

Without running the risk of sounding cliche, these are truly mouthwatering figures. Following the rate of growth of our project, we anticipate reaching the soft cap well before our ICO end date (3 October 2018).

We will release a detailed plan as to what the TRX raised will be used for once the soft cap is reached.

Does this highlight the innovative mindset of IG and what they want to do to disrupt the esports scene?

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