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What the Demon?!


Musa S



Date Published:

24 August 2018

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The game will be more than just a shooting frenzy.

Word on the street is the response to Doom's previous multiplayer was underwhelming. This time around, Doom have added a new dimension to the fun in allowing other gamers to infiltrate YOUR game as demons. This inclusion was a clever move on the part of the creators; gamers can enjoy the full multiplayer experience, which looks fantastic, but it also serves as a valuable impetus in their drive for an acclaimed recognition of their multiplayer mode.

Known for its graphic detail, many thought it couldn't get gorier; but it did. You literally see demons sliced up into pieces. G.O.R.Y. Previous Doom had previously only shown damage to enemies once they had been defeated. From the gameplay footage we have seen the detail of each and every strike, followed by an array of blood across splatters across our screens capturing the very essence of its realism . That is not to say the 2016 Edition of Doom was by no means inhibited by the absence of this feature, but seeing the detail of the damage from every blow, Doom Eternal brings to you the full experience. At least during bigger battles, seeing actual points of damage on bigger enemies may allow your to strategise your assault? It is surely more economical than mindlessly shelling them, at least.

On the subject of destroying demons, you really thought we were going to leave out weapons? Some weapons return, some have been redesigned.The crucible returns! The Sword came to light at the end of the 2016 Edition of Doom, after Samuel Hayden fully activates for the first time - yet just as fans got excited, the game was over! It is currently unknown as to whether this weapon will be a permanent feature in our arsenals', but I'm sure we'll all have a slashing time using it. The return of the Slayer will also mark the return of the Ballista and Gauss Cannon with a fundamental difference for the latter; the ability to move during the charge shots. The grenade launcher attached to the Slayer's shotgun now features a sticky grenade that causes a delayed explosion, and the throwing grenade has been replaced with a shoulder launcher - go nuts.

Some weapons return, some have been redesigned.


Looks promising and considering the groundbreaking success of the 2016 Edition of Doom, fans are sure to not be disappointed. With a swarm of demons fast approaching, you'll find yourself with two options; get your Bibles and hide, or strap up and fight. If you do succeed up there, be sure to pass by Intergalactic on the way back!

If you do succeed up there, be sure to pass by Intergalactic on the way back!


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