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Operation IGGENESIS – Esports x Tron Network


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27 August 2018

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Yesterday was a huge milestone for Intergalactic Gaming (IG) as we reached our soft cap target of 10 million TRX. Now we will push towards the hard cap as we begin to reveal greater insights in our plans for Esports x Blockchain.

We released additional information yesterday. This included the fact that we aim to have a live competition platform by September/Early October, when we would host our first Esports Competition. Following from this, we also announced that we will announce our first Esports Organisation that had signed up to use our platform. They have approximately 50 players and compete in 12 titles.

This Esports Organisation announcement will be another huge milestone in the history of IG. We are now demonstrating to the community that gamers and teams, which are the heart of the esports ecosystem, are very keen to participate in our digital economy. We intend to continue to demonstrate this appealing nature of the IG platform to the gaming community, particularly considering we have integrated extensive gamer centric features at the heart of the platform.

Today, we want to announce our own Operation that we will be running on Twitter over this week on the run up to the 1 Billion IGG Airdrop. We want to get the community involved in raising awareness of IGG to the world.



This Operation draws inspiration from Operation Tron Storm, whom IG have partnered with. Operation Tron Storm targets musicians, we will target more endemic individuals and organisations. For our first community Operation, we will primarily target esports teams. Teams that have a number of players that compete in a number of esport titles.

We believe we are now in a position to begin signing on teams to the IG Network on the Tron Blockchain. This Operation will be a community effort to get a number of teams signed up ahead of our First IG Competition next month.


  • There are no rules other than following the instructions to participate!
  • The winners are any Galacticans that peak the interest of any Esports Team

How to Participate:

  • Tweet to any Team about IG & IGG
  • Use hashtag #OperationIGGenesis in your Tweet
  • Use tips to peak their interest via GoSeedit bot
  • Like and Retweet other Galactican Tweets that use #OperationIGGenesis
  • Inform us of any successes via Twitter or Telegram and get rewarded by tagging us! We will tip IGG accordingly.


  • For participating as mentioned above you will receive a participation reward in IGG - the more creative and value adding your participation is the more you will receive. This will be subjective.
  • For referring the generated lead over to the IG Team - you will receive 50,000 IGG. This means that the Esports Team is interested in hearing more about IG and are happy to speak to us.



We will now look to target various esports teams for strategic partnerships to work together to shape the direction of the esports industry. Gamers and teams are a huge component of our platform, so demonstrating adoption on that front is a priority for us. We have started speaking to numerous teams who are excited about what we intend to offer.

Our platform will not only cater to gamers and teams, but also the wider landscape. The various other innovative esports organisations that are arising, in relation to performance, team management, agencies and so on. We will release additional operations to target these other organisations. For now only TEAMS.

For this bounty, you will be REWARDED for ANY esports team that there is a potential synergy with IG. By simply capturing their interest and referring to the IG team, you will be rewarded 50k - regardless if we sign them

To find these, you can simple search: “esports organisation” on twitter and you will find a lengthy list. There are various ways you can find esports teams by searching other ‘esports’ orientated searches.

Get creative and start trying to capture the interest of esports teams and organisations out there. The greater the team’s online presence - the more IGG reward you receive. 50k is the minimum.

Benefits of the Team Signing Up to IG platform:

  • Exclusive access to our beta IG Platform
  • Establish their Team on the IG Platform (Blockchain)
  • IGG Signing Up Bonus
  • Unique platform that will take their esports experience to another level
  • Ability to monetise fanbase through the Galactic Grand Exchange

And much more… Again, you do not need to get them signed up - just peak their interest and we will be able to take it from there.



You can create whatever template you want to use to send out to Esports Organisations. We would suggest utilising the information on our medium articles. You can use the below to provide a bit more context about IG. You do NOT need to get them to agree to sign up - you just need to simply refer them onto the IG team.

About IG
Our mission is to digitalise and tokenise the competitive gaming industry. The Intergalactic Gold (IGG) tokens will play an imperative role in executing our vision. The TRC-20 token will fundamentally change the way competitive gaming occurs.

Our web-based platform will enable gamers, teams, brands, professionals and the wider public to monetise the time and value they spend within our ecosystem. IGG will have extensive use cases that will interconnect the various stakeholders and segments within the esports landscape.

5 use cases:
• Competition Token (prize pool)
• Player Salaries
• Galactic Grand Exchange
• Reward Token (loyalty system)
• Sponsorship

Just 5 for now. There are a lot more possibilities ! For obvious reasons we will release these when appropriate. More use cases and applicability.


Tweet - Example:

Hi @___________ have you heard about IG? They are creating an esports platform on the TRON Foundation network and will have extensive use cases for your organisation that will change the way you compete…Here is +1000 IGG @GoSeedit to get you started..#OperationIGGenesis

Any issues - feel free to contact ! But contact channel will be via Telegram where our team is highly active!

Thank you and good luck!

Much more news to come over the next week - please be patient.


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