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The Rise of Motorsport in Esports


Musa S



Date Published:

27 August 2018

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3 Minutes

What do you want first: the good news, or the good news?


If you love F1, then you are sure to love F1 2018. From official cars with detailed specs, authentic racecourses, sponsorships and teams and even in-depth game commentary, Codemasters have done a fantastic job to bring you an authentic experience. The options for creating your perfect race within the various modes are vast. However, that said it should also be stated that F1 2018 is not really much of an update from last year’s version; not that it detracts from the games quality.


Sticking with exciting announcements: ACO, the governing body behind the Le Man 24 hours recently announced plans to launch an esports competition at next year’s Le Man. It would see players competing for a stake of a $100,000 prize pot, as well as a place on the podium. With the release of F1 2018 this Friday, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity for IG to explore the rise of motorsport within esports.


The FOMO is Real!  


The sports bug is contagious as motorsport gears towards an electrifying unification between the two.The assimilation of motorsport into esports is an exciting initiative which will undeniably be mutually beneficial for all parties involved, yeah that includes us! F1, the WEC and WRC are firm advocates for their implementation of esports, currently hosting esport competitions, albeit in their early stages. The exhilarating edge motorsports, accompanied with the current esports boom is sure to is sure to take motorsport as a whole to the next level.



WRC Esports takes place on the official WRC game; following two successful seasons, they are cruising into their third. The WRC Esports competition coincides with the official WRC season; each rally in real life is followed by the same rally on esports. 13 rounds of virtual rounds where the winner receives a Hyundai i20 road car. For F1, their inaugural esports first season was last year, they are now heading into their second. F1 provided an exciting and unique experience for gamers and fans of the sport in July. F1 Esports conducted its first ever Pro Draft, giving 16 drivers the opportunity to participate in the Pro Series Championship. 850,000 viewers tuned in to live streams of the event. Yes, 850,000. There is a reason that motorsport is currently investing in esports; it is an increasing momentum that continues to accelerate, showing no signs of slowing down.


What better way to mark your arrival than with some G-listers. Part of the commercial investment in the initiative to bring esport within motorsport is the inclusion of the sports’ greats. Jon Armstrong of the WRC and Fernando Alonso, who needs no introduction, are ready to test their mettle on the esports scene; adding to what already looks like an immense future for the world of esports. In their attempts to keep up with the future, the world of Motor-Esports will comprise of esports teams that will mirror real life, making it a self-sustainable entity within esports.



Esports is still growing. The expansion of motorsport into the realms of esports is sure to attract a wave of new audiences. The intent shown on behalf of these motor giants to infiltrate esports demonstrates an opportunity to build for the next generation of motorsport, but also provides the context for nurturing the next generation of motor-esports fans. The idea of being a race driver seems cool. At the same time, the idea for preparing to be a race seems expensive. Safety risks with regards to crashes, the list can go on. Therefore, uniting the two makes perfect sense; motorsport is accessible to the majority, and we’re pretty sure nobody has ever died in a virtual car crash?!  


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