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IG x GSIN Esports Partnership


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06 September 2018

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Today, we are proud to announce our third endemic partnership with GSIN Esports. As we continue our crusade to adopt the esports landscape onto the Tron Protocol, we will continuously demonstrate the attractiveness of the IG Esports ecosystem.

Already, in the space of two weeks, we have tokenised three esports organisations. We will continuously support them to adapt to the dynamic and wonderful world of the Tron ecosystem. We will also continue to adopt further esports organisations into our digital economy.


GSIN Esports—An Overview

GSIN Official Site

GSIN Esports are looking to make a huge impact in the esports industry. Set up as a specific Esports section within our larger company GSIN Sports (, we aim to achieve long term success through various community based Esports programs.Utilising our own, as well as partner sports clubs, GSIN will be managing the Esports branches of the collective clubs. Setting up and operating the functionality of these Esports teams allows us to connect further with the local and wider community, both in person and online.We are excited to work alongside both IG and their existing partners, exploring the potential through blockchain within the esports sector.

GSIN = Global Sports Investment Network

Please check out our partners website and other social media:


GSIN Twitter


GSIN Telegram


Strategic Partnership with GSIN—GSG

GSIN Esports are a relatively new branch of the larger company, GSIN Sports. They presently have no professional players signed, but they intend to host local tournaments to support the grassroots gaming community within their local area. We will also support them in acquiring new players across the world through our competitions.

GSIN are well networked within the traditional sports scene, particularly within football (or soccer for our American Galacticans). As a result, it makes sense for them to select EA Sports’ FIFA as the first game to focus their efforts on. They will also diversify into other games at a later stage.

Today, we have issued 100m GSG (Global Sports Gold) on behalf of our partners and moved the whole supply over to the IGG wallet. We will utilise 5m GSG for ecosystem development, as we have done with our other two partners.

GSG will also feature on our Galactic Grand Exchange (GGE). The only place you can officially get MGG, TEG and GSG tokens will be via the GGE. More to follow about the weekend grand opening of the GGE.


Tokenisation of the Esports Landscape

We will release more information about how this tokenised infrastructure for our partners, on the Tron blockchain, will be beneficial for all in due course. Please be patient as we release this information, along with our White Paper Lite very soon.

Stay tuned—adoption is now. More partners on the way.


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