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09 September 2018

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It is arguably one of the most anticipated games. Ever. An initial trailer was released earlier on in the summer, which gripped the attention of Cyberpunk fans. Many of you will know from the Witcher Trilogy, specifically Witcher 3, that CD Projekt Red already have a reputation for consistently intricate narratives alongside profound concepts, and character developments Cyberpunk 2077 will be no exception!

Last week fans were teased even further during Gamescom’s showcase of 50 minutes, well 48 to be precise, of gameplay in Cologne. The hype surrounding Cyberpunk 2077 in the last month has been immense, and the gameplay undeniably justifies the hype. Although the game is still deep in development phases, with no concrete plans for a release date, it did not stop CD Projekt Red causing a frenzy amongst fans. What you have already seen could just be the tip of the iceberg! And if you have absolutely no idea what we are talking about, and you don’t mind RPG games with detailed storylines, amazing visual detail, and Matrix-style slo-mo shooting, you should read on!


What we know so far…

As the title would suggest, Cyberpunk 2077 is set in the year 2077 in a fictional dystopian future, in a deadly city; Night City. Night City is split into six districts under which mega corporations and technology rule; beneath gangs, police, and of course you, V operate for survival. V is also accompanied by Jackie, an AI companion.  The affliction in this city lies in the misuse of technology, the more augments one adds, the more detached from humanity they become, the more prevalent the destruction. In CD Projekt Red’s supposed critique of the consequences of capitalism, they make no attempts to hide their interpretations of the barbarous and savage realities of this future hostile society.

CD Projekt Red aims to make individuality a central to Cyberpunk 2077, which is predominantly the reason it is a first person RPG action game. Gamers can uniquely choose their character’s gender, (and) name, as well as customise appearance and traits. In addition, the clothes you wear, along with the backstory you choose will have an impact upon your character. Likewise, the element of choice. At various points throughout the game, you will be required to act tactfully in certain situations - act wrong, and it could prove detrimental. Pretty impressive, huh?


The developers have done an outstanding job to provide this authentic and unique experience.

The details of the game are amazing, the city is breathtaking. The visuals from the gameplay demo are stunning, with every spec captured. Once you step out of the mega building complex into the city, everything is very real, and very vibrant. Aside from the inevitability of destruction, the game’s future looks bright. AI’s roam the streets and you can even interact with advertisement posters, which will direct you on where to buy whatever is advertised. Although you will no doubt be eager to progress through the game, interactions with throughout the city allow you to deviate from the main storyline. Acting on intel overheard in the city, or participating in gun fights and fight arenas will subsequently increase your street cred essentially unlocking content throughout the game.

With everything else set in place, and your fate at risk, all we need now are some weapons! The game begins with the objective of retrieving a female droid with a rare implant. The problem being she is somewhere in an apartment full of scavengers. You have a standard pistol, but rest assured that the weapons on offer look incredible - there’s a point in the gameplay demo where you even use Jackie, your AI as a weapon! From the Smart Rifle that tracks enemy movements, the ability to shoot through walls, and ricocheting bullets; to Cyberpunk 2077 is sure to blow us away. Your skills as a mercenary will truly be tested.


Good things come to those who wait...


News of Cyberpunk 2077’s imminent release will undoubtedly cause a wave of nostalgia amongst Cyberpunk 2020 fans. The detail of the in-game aesthetics, fluid gameplay and seemingly coherent storyline is sure to capture the attention of the next generation of Cyberpunk gamers. Unfortunately due to the violent and sexual nature of this game, it is likely it’ll be an 18-rated. But don’t worry, this will definitely make the history books!




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