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Weekly Report: 02/09/2018 - 09/09/2018


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09 September 2018

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6 Minutes

Welcome Galacticans! It has been an intense week, as always we look forward to sharing our week’s developments with you.

Over the past week, we have seen a huge spike in our Telegram community. Numbers have grown to approximately 1.3k members in our main group, in just over a month! We are extremely proud of this feat, and would love to thank our Galacticans for their constant support of our vision. In addition, last Sunday saw the conclusion of our first ever online FIFA tournament; the IGGenesis Cup. This weekend, we conclude with our opening of our Telegram Grand Galactic Exchange (GGE). The foundations to our esports disruption are almost set, the next few months will prove to be crucial for IG, saddle up!

Tronscan ICO Progress
Tokens Issued: 2,937,684,050/10,000,000,000 available
Tokens Frozen: 40,000,000,000?—?Unlocked November 3rd (Distribution Plan to be released prior)
Tron Raised: 21,960,872 TRX
Soft Cap: Currently achieved 219.61% of 10,000,000 TRX target
Hard Cap: 18.30% of 120,000,000 TRX target

New Tokens within the IGGalaxy
We have created 100M of our Partners’ tokens. This weekend’s GGE has been executed in two phases; each phase seeing a maximum of 10M tokens available to our Galacticans.

*A maximum 20M distribution of each Partner token.*

This TRC-20 tokenised integration into our Partners infrastructure has proven to be a very successful way of activating our partners within our community and beyond.

Below find out more details of this weekend’s GGE.

Social Media Presence
Social media has been integral to our growth thus far. As our social media brand grows by the day, we continue to tip generously to those that add value to our IG.

This week, we have seen our Telegram communities expand. We now have:

  • IG Main Channel
  • IG Spanish Channel
  • IG Korean Channel
  • IG German Channel
  • IG French Channel
  • IG Dutch Channel
  • IG FIFA, Fortnite, Overwatch, Rocket League and NHL Channels
  • The Grand Galactic Exchange Channel!

All three of our Partners also have individual Channels that have experienced significant growth over the last week.

Below are our Twitter statistics over the past week, compared to the previous week before.

2.66M Retweet Reach (1.7M Retweet Reach)
2.06K Mentions (2.38K Mentions)
145K Mention Reach (88.8K Mention Reach)
5.63K Likes (5.24K Likes)
3.52K Retweets (2.9K Retweets)
1.22K Replies (1.39K Replies)

At the bottom, you’ll find the details for all social media accounts you can follow.

Utilising Innovation from Seedit


                                   For more information on the Seedit Bot, including how to set your
                                       Seedit wallet up, please go to:

We have said time and time again that IG reward those that help support the growth of the IG brand. As our social media community grows, innovation in all capacities is vital to us; this week’s innovative development is from Seedit. Over the week, IG have successfully used Airdrop and Rain trading features to reward active members on Telegram. The response has been immense!

New Partnership!
IG are delighted to announce another strategic partnership agreement! GSIN Esports, newly founded, is the third organisation to join us on our quest to adopt the esports landscape on the Tron Protocol. We will continue to support them as they acclimatise to the Tron ecosystem. This is further evidence of the growing attraction to the IG Esport ecosystem, as we strive to tokenise Esports.

Galactic Grand Exchange
The GGE opened on Saturday 8 September at 8am GMT, it is due to close Monday 10 September at 8am GMT. On this Channel, Galacticans will have the opportunity to purchase our exclusive Partner tokens; MGG, TEG, GSG. We had previously highlighted that the GGE would be a core component of our multifaceted platform. The GGE will facilitate the exchange of products or services for IGG. The beauty of esports is that endemic and non-endemic products and services can be listed on the GGE.

This week is the beginning of IG’s takeover. We plan to have a tokenised function of all esports organisations and teams within our ecosystem, which will revolutionise esports. There will be a number of use cases that will play a pivotal role in the growth of the global esports market; IG will, in essence, be the entity that underpins the competitive esports landscape on the Tron blockchain.

Some of the standard use cases of our partner tokens (MGG, TEG, GSG):

1. Used to get discounts on any merchandise or services provided by our partner.
2. Used to incentivise the community to engage and participate?—?e.g. incentivising people to watch a stream (marketing).
3. Used by fans to subscribe to any players/teams within our partner’s organisation.
4. Used as a ‘ticket’ to access particular events; gaming houses, live events and competitions, to name a few.

The first phase of our sales was to provide our early supporters with amazing rates that were fair and accessible. Trades are unilateral, which means that Galacticans are able to directly exchange TRX for IGG, and then IGG with our partner tokens. Astonishingly, MGG completely sold out within the first two hours; all coins later sold out eight hours after opening. Exchanges have continued through to phase two on Sunday, with rates increased. Partner tokens are flying off the shelves!

We have provided them with the initial support and will continue to do so. It is now what they do that will etch their names in the history of IG. Their respective plans for esports and adoption on to the Tron blockchain will differentiate each partner from one another. This was demonstrated as Mazer Gaming successfully engaged with their community to be the fastest selling Partner token.

We think the entire IG community can agree that our first ever GGE was a great success; the fact that the Seedit Bot crashed on opening of the GGE due to the extensive demands speaks volumes! Seedit developer Rovak has done a remarkable job to implement a new trading feature all on his own. We are extremely proud to be working with him on this trade system that have never been trialled or tested on this scale, let alone executed! The trade feature allows for efficient and secure trade transactions, and has undoubtedly received a great reception within the community. It is a sign of the amazing developments to come.

So far during this GGE, we have raised over 2M TRX in additional IGG purchases, and issued over 45M of our Partner tokens in exchange for IGG.

Intergalactic Waves
The winner of last weekend’s FIFA tournament, @Harry is preparing to trial for the Mazer Gaming Esports team. We will look forward to announcing future tournaments, as well as opportunities for our Galacticans to join Esports teams.

We are already deep into our Intergalactic journey and the momentum behind IG is outstanding. Our Galacticans’ dedication to the project, and kind supportive words are sure to keep this ship in full throttle. IG firmly believe that our Galacticans should have an input in our future; as such, feedback from the community remains invaluable to us. IG will release information on our team shortly, but we continue to recruit members from the community that can add value to our project. The intergalactic family is growing!

What we look forward to:

  • Release of FIFA 2019—28 September 2018
  • 1 Billion IGG Airdrop—30th September 2018
  • End of Tronscan IGG ICO—3rd October 2018
  • 1:1—Airdrop end of Q4 2018
  • Alpha Platform—October/November (more details to come)

Please follow us on our various social media channels to keep up to date with developments:



Esports Telegram Groups:—FIFA—Rocket League—Fortnite—Overwatch—NHL

Fantasy Football Telegram Groups:—NFL—Fantasy Football (BPL)

Partner Telegram Groups:—Mazer Gaming LLC—Tron Esports Ltd—GSIN Esports


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