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IG x Proton Gaming Partnership Announcement


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Date Published:

25 September 2018

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5 Minutes

Today we are proud to announce a partnership with an organisation that has been conceived as a result of the Intergalactic Vision. We envisage a world that anyone can truly access and participate within the competitive gaming landscape.

We have now issued 100 million Proton Reaction Orb (PRO) tokens on behalf of our new partners. As with ALL of our partner tokens that are exclusive to the IGGalaxy, PRO will NOT be available via Tronscan.

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Proton Gaming — An Overview

PROTON GAMING is an international eSports and gaming organization that will utilize the IG esports ecosystem to field competitive teams from around the globe.

Reasons why you want to FOLLOW us:

· FUNDING — Proton Gaming is backed by wealthy individuals that believe in IG and eSports
· PARTNERSHIPS — Local and national sponsorships have already been established
· LIFESTYLE — Fun, energetic and competitive gaming
· EVENTS — Café lounges, gaming rooms and town halls will host our team competitions
· REWARDS — Stake with us and dividend rewards will be offered. Announcement on this later.

Recruiting Methods:

· Looking for Alpha Gamers that want to WIN
· Sign up with Proton Gaming to participate in our competitions
· The selected few that make the cut will get paid and endorsed

What value do we PROVIDE?

· Awareness of the TRON NETWORK
· Liquidity to both the IGG and TRX tokens
· Brand recognition to Intergalactic Gaming
· Rewards to stake holders
· Players earn real money

Come join us today and help grow our team from within!

Proton Gaming is led by non other than @goranqooico (a member of IG team) and @Loveland23. Goran is a marketing specialist who provides strength in social media marketing and brand awareness. He is part of the IG team and has done a fantastic job in helping support our community led efforts. Anthony Loveland is a business entrepreneur who currently owns and operates several pharmacies located in the United States, with over 100 employees. In his younger years, Anthony specialized in email, postal, billboard, TV and gorilla type marketing which spearheaded many national marketing campaigns such as Disney, Nissan and Hilton Hotels.

After spending significant time within the IG community, they havedecided the best way to support IG would be to expand the IG ecosystem via their own esports organisation. As such they created Proton Gaming, a team where everything will be made bespoke to the IG ecosystem. Proton Gaming will look to field competitive teams across major esport titles and actively participate within the IGGalaxy. It is genuinely a fun and exciting project for them and they look forward to contributing to our digital esports landscape.

What this Partnership Means?

Another partner joins the IGGalaxy, further adding to the exposure of the IG esports ecosystem. Proton Gaming will be focusing on European and North American markets where they will seek to promote esports at the grass roots level. They will integrate their PRO token, along with IGG, to facilitate adoption of the IG ecosystem and the Tron blockchain.

We will work closely with Proton Gaming and our other partners to continue to expand the reach of the IG esports ecosystem.

Benefits of Holding Partner Tokens:

  • Able to directly interact with the esports organisation — Token utility will be integrated into all of our partner’s infrastructure.
  • Directly supporting an IG partner and an esports organisation
  • Be a part of history — hold the first 6 organisations to join the IG esports revolution and become a part of their community

Use Cases of Partner Tokens include:

  • Discounts on merchandise and services provided by partner
  • Requirement for entry to exclusive events / competitions — online via IG platform, live events, public gaming houses and etc.
  • Used to tip your favourite players/teams
  • Used to incentivise and reward community — For example for watching stream.
  • Used to interact and engage with our partners, such as via a voting system

Reminder of Current Revealed IGG Use Cases:

• Esports Competition Ecosystem: Prize pools..
• Establishment of a team/organisation 
• Player Salaries & Bonus
• Player transfers
• GGE — IGG for products / services
• Sponsorship & Advertising agreements
• Tournament entry deposit
• Loyalty & Reward System

These are the generic use cases for our partner tokens — there will be more bespoke utility for individual partners. We will work with our partners to ensure effective integration of their token within their ecosystem.

Limited PRO Tokens, along with all our other partner tokens WILL be available following the 1 billion airdrop at the GGE.

In the next week, there will be much more information regarding the tokenomics of the IGGalaxy released. Please be patient as we release further information. Thank you.

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