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IG x Masked Esports Partnership Announcement


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Date Published:

5 October 2018

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We are proud to announce another partnership with a professional esports organisations. We now have a total of eight within the IGGalaxy — this will soon proliferate as we aim to reach 32 before the launch of our Alpha Platform.

Masked Esports will be joining our other partners in integrating a tokenised component to their existing infrastructure. We have now issued 100 million Masked Esports Gold (MEG) tokens on behalf of our new partner. We will be actively working with Masked Esports, along with our other partners, to ensure that Tron becomes THE blockchain platform for esports.

Masked Esports — An Overview

Masked Esports is a professional esports organisation based in California, USA. They have 16 players across 4 major esport titles, along with an extensive number of streamers and influences.

Masked Esports are dedicated to giving opportunities to all. They look to provide opportunities for gamers to participate in some huge competitions. Masked Esports pride themselves on player and community interaction.

Current Teams Overview

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
  • Fortnite
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Masked Esports are looking to expand into EA Sports’ FIFA 19 and will also be competing in our first IG esports competition. We are excited to reveal further information in relation to our partnership with Masked Esports.

Strategic Partnership with Masked Esports

We will support Masked Esports’ integration into our ecosystem as well as the Tron Network. Masked Esports will actively participate within our esports ecosystem. They will compete in our competitions and become a stakeholder within the future of the esports industry.

We will actively work with Masked Esports on the integration of their tokens into their infrastructure. Used in tandem with IGG, the tokenised component will enhance monetisation of their fan base and beyond. MEG will enable our new partner to provide a completely different value proposition to their community and the wider public.

Masked Esports, as well as all our other partners, will play a role in our SR candidacy plans. We aim to bring esports to the Tron network so we will work with our partners to create mass adoption plans for esports on the IG platform.

MEG will be listed on the GGE this weekend, where you will be able to trade IGG tokens to get our new partner’s token. We anticipate releasing our LitePaper this weekend too.

Adoption is now. As we further demonstrate that our model works, providing incredible benefits for participants and co-creators, more organisations will look to join the Intergalactic revolution.

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