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Weekly Report: 08/10/2018–15/10/2018


Musa S



Date Published:

15 October 2018

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4 Minutes

Happy Monday Galacticans! Last week’s release of our Lite Paper stepped in for the Weekly Report, but we are happy to be back sharing our week’s developments with you.

If you have not read our LitePaper yet, please head over to our website to grasp a further insight into our disruptive vision for esports on the Tron blockchain.

ronscan IGG Pre-Sale Progress — Ended on 3 October 2018
Tokens In Circulation: 5,240,853,459/10,000,000,000 available
Tokens Frozen: 40,000,000,000 — Unlocked November 3rd
Tron Raised: Over 35,000,000 TRX Raised
Soft Cap Target: Currently achieved of 10,000,000 TRX target (350%)
Hard Cap Target: 29.1% of 120,000,000 TRX target

Token Holders: 18,216
Number of Transfers: 96,197

IGGalaxy on Telegram:

IG Telegram Groups:

  • IG Announcements Channel
  • IG Main Group
  • IG Spanish Group
  • IG Korean Group
  • IG German Group
  • IG French Group
  • IG Dutch Group
  • IG FIFA, Fortnite, Overwatch, Rocket League and NHL Channels
  • The Grand Galactic Exchange (GGE) Group

Official Partners
Professional Esports Organisations:

  • @Mazer Gaming (MGG)
  • @Tron Esports (TEG)
  • @GSIN Esports (GSG)
  • @Demise Esports (DEG)
  • @Sangal Esports (SEG)
  • @Fuego Gaming (FGG)
  • @ProtonGaming (PRO)
  • @Masked Esports (MEG)
  • @For F1FA Sake (FFS) — Scouting Network & Talent Agency

Non-Endemic Organisations:

  • Noise Creative (NCG) — Marketing Company
  • TronWallet Me (TWX) — Token not exclusive to IGGalaxy

On the 3 October, our pre-sale ended on Tronscan, IGG is now no longer available to purchase.

From 19–21 October 2018, Galacticans will be able to acquire IGG and other partner tokens on our Telegram GGE; however, there will be a limited supply of IGG available. As always, Galacticans will have an opportunity to put forward any relevant questions to the core IG team regarding the IG project.

                                                                               Rates: 1 TRX will give you approximately 20–30 IGG

New Office
We have now confirmed our office location in Manchester City Centre. We look forward to sharing further details about our plans for our Manchester takeover in the coming weeks. Relocating to Manchester, and too, to our very first office will mark an important milestone in the developments of IG.

Overwatch (PS4) Tournament — 27/10/2018
Please follow the link below for information pertaining to our very first Overwatch tournament, as well as the link to our IG Overwatch Telegram Channel!

FIFA 19 (PS4/Xbox One) Tournament — 02/11/2018–04/11/2018
It has been a few weeks since the release of FIFA 19, and so it is a perfect time to host our second FIFA competition to crown the Intergalactic Champions of FIFA 19. The tournament will be hosted for both PS4 and XBOX players, competing in classic online friendlies. Tournament details will be released later this week.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) Tournament — 16/11/2018–18/11/2018
We are working very close with our partner, Sangal Esports, to host a CS:GO tournament. Further information will be released in the coming weeks regarding this competition.

What we look forward to:

  • Moving into new office in Manchester City Centre, UK, within the next month.
  • IG’s Overwatch [PS4] Tournament: 27/10/2018
  • IG FIFA 19 [PS4/XBOX One] Tournament: 02/11/2018–04/11/2018
  • IG CS:GO [PC] Tournament: 09/11/2018–11/11/2018
  • 40 Billion unfreezes in November; distribution plan to be released prior to this: TBC
  • IG to release an article introducing esports: TBC
  • IG to release an article introducing blockchain: TBC
  • 1:1 Airdrop: Post 03/11/2018
  • Official Announcement of SR Candidacy: Q4 2018
  • Alpha Platform Launch: Q4 2018
  • Coin Burn: Q4 2018

Thanks for reading. A lot more to come — thank you for your patience!

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Esports Telegram Groups: — FIFA — Rocket League — Fortnite — Overwatch — NHL

Fantasy Football Telegram Groups: — NFL — Fantasy Football (BPL)

Partner Telegram Groups: — Mazer Gaming — Tron Esports — GSIN Esports — Demise Esports — Sangal Esports — Fuego Gaming — Proton Gaming — Masked Esports — For F1FA Sake — Tron Wallet Me


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