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IGG Available in the GGE This Weekend & 1:1 Airdrop News


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Date Published:

18 October 2018

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As a gentle reminder, IGG is not available to purchase on Tronscan any more. The pre-sale on Tronscan concluded on the 3rd October 2018.

This weekend, we will be giving all Galacticans the opportunity to accumulate more IGG ahead of the 1:1 Airdrop.

TRX Raised: Over 35,000,000
Circulating Supply: 5,240,853,459
Token Holders: 18,726
Number of Transfers: 99,089
As of 18/10/2018 [Source: Tronscan]

Remaining Supply
We have over 4.7 billion IGG remaining from the initial 10 billion.

We will also look to sell a proportion of this remaining supply in the Telegram GGE this weekend. The remaining IGG will be utilised for ecosystem development (competitions, new partners…) and to partially cover the 1:1 Airdrop. A small percentage of the remaining IGG will be burned. More specific information will be provided regarding the burn in the coming weeks.

Please join our Telegram GGE below to grab some IGG this weekend. The rates have now changed from the pre-sale — 1 TRX will now get you approximately 20 to 30 IGG.

The remaining 40 billion will be unfrozen on 3rd November. The 1:1 Airdrop will follow shortly after.

1:1 Airdrop:
We have an upcoming 1 to 1 airdrop in November, meaning that you will receive 1 IGG for every 1 IGG you hold. There will be a minimum IGG requirement for eligibility to this airdrop, which will be disclosed when appropriate. We can confirm that it certainly will be no more than previous airdrop requirements.

Additionally, there is nothing new that is needed to be done to qualify for this airdrop. If you received the last one, you should receive this one. The checklist:

  • Signed Up to
  • Verified IG Account — KYC documents uploaded and approved
  • Verified Wallet(s) — Must verify your wallet(s) that you have added to your IG Account. You will need to send two IGG transactions specified by our website on the wallet page. Your wallet will be verified automatically shortly after you send the specified IGG to the verifying wallet address.

Please ensure you IGG is in your verified wallet(s) as we will carry out a snapshot of the verified wallets.

If you have any issues with regards to verification or your IG Account — please contact and we will respond as quick as possible.

IGG Liquidity:
Considering IGG is not available to purchase anywhere right now, we will look to list on exchanges in the coming months to improve liquidity within our ecosystem.

Alpha Platform
Development of the Alpha platform has been well underway for the last month. The Alpha platform will provide sufficient features to enable the hosting of IG competitions for FIFA 19. This will enable us to test our model, before proceeding to integrate further planned features. We will release further information about the exact date of release and planned features within the Alpha when appropriate.

If you missed our LitePaper Release — you can find it on our website or via the Link Below:

The LitePaper is intended to provide our present and future community with a clear insight into our vision. We have called it a LitePaper as we have purposefully left significant details out. We look forward to revealing further information over the coming months.

Read Last Weeks Weekly Report Below – Including dates for Overwatch, FIFA 19 & CS:GO Tournaments


Still got burning questions? Head over to our main Telegram channel and speak directly with our co-founders.

Much more to come ! Thank you all for your support

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