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IG x TEAM KaiRoS Partnership Announcement


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Date Published:

18 October 2018

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We are extremely excited to announce the tenth esports organisation to join the IGGalaxy.

We have now created 100 million Team KaiRoS Gold (TKG) tokens on behalf of our new partner. This token will be integrated into 514 Esports & TEAM KaiRos’ infrastructure, enabling a completely different dynamic to community engagement.

TEAM KaiRoS — An Overview
Team Name: 

Kairos (καιρός) is an Ancient Greek word meaning the right, critical, or opportune moment.

  • Location: Newport Beach, California, USA
  • Staff: Greg Zinone - Founder and CEO of 514eSports ( and Joint Forces Initiative ( Most of the Team KaiRoS key members will be built around specific esports tournaments and events (the opportune moments) and comprises of celebrities, pro athletes and influencers in gaming!

Team KaiRoS is a very unique organisation as they are all about seizing specific opportune moments / opportunities, in a way only they can; with specific event focused pro athlete, celebrity and / or influencer led “all star” teams. They give opportunities to those ready for the pro gaming scene, but cannot financially afford the opportunity YET to get in the game!

                                                      “We are about the opportunity, not focused on a specific game. So all is in our wheelhouse!”

Team KaiRoS seizes opportune moments by building powerhouse teams for gaming tournaments, that gives the opportunities to gamers, and streamers, who are “ready” to do what it takes to get to another level but just can’t do it on their own. Team KaiRoS will do what it takes for gamers to take that next level; whether it’s getting them to their first pro esports tournament, pro training from the best in gaming or the best equipment to start streaming. They will see that critical moment, and take it.

Furthermore, Team KaiRoS will bring the opportunity to play celebrities, pro athletes (who are huge gamers) and the best in gaming. They are ready to bring these incredibly rare opportunities exclusively to the IG community! So get ready, as these guys are about to kick-off, and ready to grow.

                                                                  “As we grow, you grow with us…and all who are with us will see the rewards!”

First of Team KaiRoS opportune moments for the IG community:
The 514 PLAY THE PROS Opportunities:

Greg Zinone, founder of Team KaiRoS is also the founder / CEO of Joint Forces Initiative, is kicking off a huge NFL Team Tour 4 The Troops on Oct 23rd in Tampa with the Tampa Bay Bucs. From there, he is heading to the Baltimore Ravens Studio at the Ravens practice facility to connect the players with troops all over the world (including Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan). Then off to Minnesota for the same with the Vikings.

These events are exclusively for the troops, have been 11 years. But now, the IG community can get in on the action!!

We will have tournaments where Galacticans can win the chance to play the athletes and influencers within Greg’s network for most of TEAM KaiRoS’ events on the IG platform (see schedule below). For now, we will make it easy for 1 person to win the opportunity to play(1 person per event). Starting as soon as Monday with the Bucs!

Note: If anyone in the IG is local to any of the teams, reach out to Greg on the TEAM KaiRoS Official Telegram Channel and there may even be an opportunity to hang out and play with the players in person; straight from the practice facilities, stadiums, locker rooms, etc.!

Telegram Group:


23rd: Bucs
26th: Ravens
29th: Vikings
5th: Rams 
6th: Saints
7th: Colts 
8th: Rams 
9th: Chargers
12th: Lions 
13th: Cards 
14th: Giants 
27th: Skins 
29th: Jags

Make sure you follow TEAM KaiRoS on their channels below:





​​​​​​​Watch live video from 514esports on

We are extremely excited by this partnership. Greg and TEAM KaiRoS will be able to bring a completely different dynamic to the IG esports ecosystem and we look forward to revealing some of our collaborative efforts over the coming months.

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