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Daily Innovation Creates a More Significant Impact


Naeem S



Date Published:

14 November 2018

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3 Minutes

Bell’s Law describes how types of computing systems form, evolve and may eventually die out. The law states that “roughly every decade, a new, lower priced computer class forms — based on a new programming platform, network, and interface— resulting in new usage and the establishment of a new industry.” In essence, every 10 years we experience a new IT revolution.

Bell’s Law in Action:

  • Personal Computer — 1970s
  • Games Consoles went Mainstream — 1980s
  • Consumer Internet Boom & Dot-Com Era — 1990s
  • Smart Phone Revolution — 2000s
  • Blockchain Technology — Present Day

How true this tempo of 10 year leaps for the evolution of technology can often be misleading; it misguides us in the decisions we make on a day-to-day basis. We start to think of innovation as being a natural force, like a hurricane, that cannot otherwise be controlled, encouraged or fostered. It is just something that happens, and all at once. It is as if this is the only way that innovation occurs; all at once or not at all.

The issue with this model of innovation is the alienation. It makes the rest of us subject to someone else’s vision, rather than active participants within a communal endeavour. Instead, we need to look, as individuals, businesses and countries, to instead find tiny improvements everyday. The end result would actually be a greater transformation.

This is simply not true. We are now in an era with many innovative technologies at the brink of mainstream adoption, such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality. We have the opportunity to use existing, emerging and future technologies and platforms to build an exciting future.

Day-to-day innovation is the daily practice of being mindful of what we are doing all day every day. It is the practice of asking ourselves two questions about whatever it is we find ourselves doing: what problem am I trying to solve by doing this, and if I was to solve that problem for the first time today, using new tools, how would I go about doing it?

These are the questions that we dwell upon as we deal with all aspects of IG — a blank sheet approach. This constant and free form of innovation enables IG to look at the processes and habits that we, as individuals and organisations, have picked up over the years . This in turn pulls each one into the present, right up to the edge of the future where the possibilities are limitless. Making these tiny daily innovations a universal habit can result in transformations that define the future, day by day. This is our ethos.

Any company has the capacity for innovation, creativity and growth. For this to occur, organisations must be built to balance the needs of existing customers with the challenges of finding new customers, whilst also managing existing lines of business and exploring new business models — all at the same time. This is something that we strive and will continue to strive for.

We look forward to sharing our journey with you as we constantly strive to innovate on a daily basis.

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