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IG SR Rewards Update


Naeem S



Date Published:

26 November 2018

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4 Minutes

We are proud to announce updates to our SR rewards structure. We are presently in the top 27 SRs now and have began to to produce blocks. Consequently, we will be transitioning from PHASE 1 to PHASE 2 of our community plan. Please see the updated rewards plan below.

We would also like to announce an additional reward structure we will implement next week. We will be allocating extensive IGG that will be ultimately distributed to voters, based on IGG held. This will be used as an incentive for voters to hold IGG tokens until our platform is released. We have outlined these additional plans below.


  1. Phase One — SR Election — CURRENT PHASE
  2. Phase Two — IGGenesis — NEXT PHASE
  3. Phase Three — IG, the Esports Representation on the Tron Network

Phase 1: SR Election 
Tron offers 115,200 TRX to all candidates, delivered proportionately, to the total number of votes during SR cycles every six hours.

During the candidacy phase:

  • IG distributed 100% of TRX rewards to voters; the amount of TRX voters depended on the percentage of an individual’s daily vote contributions.
  • IG distributed IGG equivalent to the TRX reward total to a factor of 400% to all voters, all early voters will be rewarded for their support.
  • For example, if you receive 10000 TRX you would also receive 40000 IGG.

Phase 2: IGGenesis — NEXT PHASE
We will transition into this phase from Monday 26 November 2018. From this day, we will initiate the following reward structure:

  • 85% of TRX will be distributed to voters. The amount is proportionate to the individual percentage of contributing votes.
  • IG will distribute IGG, at a rate of 150%, for every TRX rewarded: 100 TRX received by a voter will result in a further 150 IGG distributed. The percentage distributed will be reviewed on the first day of each week depending on the current value.
  • 15% of TRX will be retained for the Intergalactic Foundation; A non-profit organisation of which IG will be a founding member.

Phase 3: Esports Representation on the Tron Network — TBA
Following the completion of the first phase of our Intergalactic Gaming SR election, the following reward structure will be implemented, thus solidifying our benefit and vision to the community:

  • 75% of TRX to be distributed to voters; TRX will be directly proportionate to the individual percentage of contributing votes.
  • 15% of TRX to be retained to fund the Intergalactic Foundation.
  • 10% of TRX to be retained by IG; TRX will strictly be for operational expenses of the nodes. All surplus accumulated in a side pool for distribution to be decided by community voting. Use cases required for voting could include: community distribution; system upgrades, charity donations, community competitions.
  • IG will distribute IGG, at a rate of 100%, for every TRX rewarded: 100 TRX received by a voter will result in a further 100 IGG distributed. The percentage distributed will be reviewed on the first day of each week depending on the current value.

IGG Reward to Holding Voters

We have been working behind the scenes on a reward structure that will benefit Galacticans, as well as the Tron community as a whole. We will be implementing a new reward structure which will run in addition to our SR reward structure, rewarding our voters for holding our tokens and helping ensure liquidity. This will run in addition to the SR rewards and will begin from Monday 26th November 2018.

We will be allocating 182,000,000 over 5 years; aiming to distribute approximately 100,000 IGG daily to voters, but please note this may change depending on the value of IGG.

How it works:

  • Vote for Intergalactic-Gaming :
  • We will carry out random but regular snapshots of IGG being held by our voters, each voting cycle
  • Based on the amount of IGG you are holding, you will be rewarded with IGG proportionate to the total IGG held by all voters.
  • For example, if you hold 100,000 IGG and the total IGG held by all voting wallets equals 1,000,000 IGG; you would receive 10% of allocated daily IGG rewards = 10,000 IGG

Future Plans: Freeze Function & Community SR Support

Further down the line, we will integrate a Freeze Function into our platform. This will utilise a smart contract to freeze your IGG for a specified period of time, whilst getting rewarded for doing so. This will be an interactive way Galacticans can get rewarded for believing in the project and holding their token. More information will be provided regarding this Freeze Function when appropriate. We will allocate 1,000,000,000 IGG to this function to enhance liquidity of IGG.

We will also look to allocate additional IGG to supporting the voters of particular community SRs and other value adding initiatives. We have observed the conversations taking place around the SR function and the whole system. We will do everything in our power to help community SRs get the votes. They are the ones that are and will add value to the TRON ecosystem. They deserve to be supported. We will release a document outlining our plan to help community SRs remain in the top 27 and we will liaise with other stakeholders with the TRON ecosystem to ensure we do not lose our community SRs.

Thanks for reading!

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