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IG Galactic Incentive Reward Scheme and SR Reward Structure 28/11/2018 


Musa S



Date Published:

29 November 2018

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5 Minutes

Our initial incentive reward structure aimed to provide additional benefits to anybody that voted for Intergalactic Gaming as a Super Representative, as well as holders of IGG. The incentive reward structure is distributed in addition to our SR Rewards. We highly value the infrastructure that is the TRON network, and firmly believe in the values that it promotes. At present, we have identified that only 10% of TRON holders utilise the DPOS voting system. We want to incentivise our followers to contribute to this innovative practice that TRON have established. Notwithstanding our initial intentions, we have listened to feedback from members of our community and updated our incentive reward structure. We understand it’s difficult to keep all parties happy but feel this is the best solution as it is the fairest.

There are two categories of rewards that will be distributed by Intergalactic Gaming. These are explained in detail below:

A) IG SR Rewards (Phase 2)
IG SR Rewards are distributed to those who vote for IG as an SR.

Those that vote for IG with TRON Power will receive 85% of the TRX rewards we earn for producing blocks. In addition, they will also receive 1.5 times the TRX reward amount, as IGG.

For example, if we earn 50,000 TRX in one day, we will distribute 42,500 TRX (85%) and 63,750 IGG (1.5 times 42,500) each day. The remaining 15% of the TRX earned will be retained by the Intergalactic Foundation. More information on this will be released in due course.

It is important to note that these numbers will change once IG moves onto Phase 3 as an SR.

Currently, for 100,000 votes, one can expect 5.9 TRX and 9 IGG per cycle; there are four voting cycles per day. So, for 100,000 votes, you can expect 23.6 TRX and 36 IGG per day. You can see our reward structure on

Important details for IG SR Rewards:

  1. You need to cast at least 1 vote for IGG as Super Representative. Voting is done by freezing Tron and using the resultant Tron Power to cast votes. 1 Tron = 1 Tron Power = 1 vote.
  2. You DO NOT need any IGG in your wallet, to qualify for IG SR Rewards.
  3. The wallets need not be registered on, for you to receive IG SR Rewards.
  4. IG SR Rewards will be distributed on around 10:00 GMT.

B) IG Loyalty Rewards
IG Loyalty Rewards are an additional reward scheme on top of the IG SR rewards. They reward those who vote for IG as an SR and have bought IGG tokens. This is our way of giving back to the community of IGG holders for contributing to our growing success.

The calculation for IGG Loyalty rewards are as follows:
Every cycle 30,000 IGG will be earmarked for distribution. Over a 24-hour period, this amounts to 120,000 IGG used as loyalty rewards. Please note that whilst the calculations are done per voting cycle, the distribution itself will be done only once every 24 hours.

For IG Loyalty Rewards, BOTH — your votes as a proportion of total votes for IG SR AND your IGG holdings will be taken into consideration; they will each have a weighting of 0.3 and 0.7, respectively.

For example: Imagine you cast 100,000 votes for IG SR. Additionally, you have 2 million IGG. For ease of calculation, let’s assume the total votes for IG SR were 250 million votes and the circulating supply is 10 billion IGG.

[30,000 IGG x {0.3 x (100,000 votes ÷ 250,000,000 total votes)} + {0.7 x (2,000,000 IGG in your wallet ÷ 10,000,000,000 total IGG circulating supply)}] = 8 IGG per cycle, which is 32 IGG per day. 

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT A SET NUMBER. The actual number will vary because the number of votes for IG as an SR will change every cycle.

Important Details for IG Loyalty Rewards

  1. You need to hold at least 50,000 IGG in the same wallet in order for that wallet to qualify for IG Loyalty Rewards.
  2. The wallets you utilise, need not be registered on to be eligible. Any wallet will qualify as long you hold at least 50,000 IGG.
  3. Rewards will be distributed once in 24 hours and will be distributed retrospectively — meaning the Loyalty Rewards for 1 December will be distributed on 2 December and so on.
  4. Loyalty rewards are expected to go out every day at 13:00 GMT but timings will be reassessed.


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