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IG SR Loyalty Reward Update


Musa S



Date Published:

06 December 2018

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4 Minutes

As we moved into Phase 2 of our SR Community Plan on Monday 26 November, we announced our Galactican Incentive Rewards scheme that rewards Galacticans who hold IGG. The two rewards structures have been implemented to incentivise the participation with the TRON network through voting, whilst simultaneously incentivising holding of IGG which will support the health of IG token economics. 

We are proud to announce that we have completed modifying our script and carrying out our checks to ensure optimal accuracy. We have now distributed 1,184,217 IGG retrospectively from Monday 26 September. We have once again delivered as promised.

Intergalactic Gaming is for the community; we have prided ourselves on this since our inception. We would like to take this opportunity to thank those that have been patient whilst we have modified our initial script for the Galactican Incentive Rewards. 

Whilst we would also like to apologise for a delay in the distribution of these rewards, we feel this was a necessary precaution. Considering everything Intergalactic Gaming stands for, we wanted to ensure that we could maximise the rewards for our community. We needed to take time over this as our initial SR Incentive Reward proposal was quite simply not fair. Listening to feedback from members of our community, voters and prospective voters alike, we realised that the former structure was restrictive to those that had significantly higher IGG than TRX holding. As previously stated, the purpose of two reward structures is to reward those that vote with TRX but also to those that support IG by holding the tokens that power our ecosystem.

In total, we have 1,184,217 IGG to distribute retrospectively from Monday 26 November. 

Important details for IG SR Rewards

  1. You need to cast at least 1 vote for IG as Super Representative. Voting is done by freezing Tron and using the resultant Tron Power to cast votes. 1 Tron = 1 Tron Power = 1 vote.
  2. You DO NOT need any IGG in your wallet, to qualify for IG SR Rewards.
  3. The wallets DO NOT need to be registered on for you to receive IG SR Rewards.
  4. IG SR Rewards will be distributed around 10:00 GMT daily

How IG Loyalty Rewards are calculated 
For IG Loyalty Rewards, BOTH — your votes and your IGG holdings will be taken into consideration; they will each have a weighting of 0.3 and 0.7, respectively. We will be distributing a total of 30k IGG per cycle which is 120k IGG per day.

For example: Imagine you cast 100,000 votes for IG SR and the total eligible* votes are 250 million. Additionally, you hold 2 million IGG and the total eligible* circulating supply is 10 billion IGG. Then the calculation would be;

[30,000 IGG x {0.3 x (100,000 votes ÷ 250,000,000 total eligible votes)} + {0.7 x (2,000,000 IGG in your wallet ÷ 10,000,000,000 total eligible IGG circulating supply)}] = 8 IGG per cycle, which is 32 IGG per day.

*by eligible we simply mean the total votes cast and IGG held by the wallets which meet the criteria below.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT A SET NUMBER. The actual number will vary because the number of votes for IG as an SR will change every cycle.

Important Details for IG Loyalty Rewards

  1. You need to hold at least 50,000 IGG in the same wallet in order for that wallet to qualify for IG Loyalty Rewards.
  2. The wallets you utilise, DO NOT need to be registered on to be eligible. Any wallet will qualify as long it holds at least 50,000 IGG and votes for Intergalactic-Gaming.
  3. Rewards will be distributed once in 24 hours and will be distributed retrospectively — meaning the IG Loyalty Rewards for 1 December will be distributed on 2 December and so on.
  4. IG Loyalty rewards are expected to go out every day at 13:00 GMT but timings will be reassessed. As expected, we will inform the community of any changes.

IG will always value the community above all else. We will always look to reward our faithful supporters that contribute to our growing success. As the IGGalaxy develops through the Alpha platform and proliferation of partnerships, we will continue the implementation of real-world use cases. Adoption is coming.

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