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Weekly Report: 09/12/2018


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Date Published:

10 December 2018

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3 Minutes

We are pleased to share our recent developments with you through our Weekly Intergalactic Report!

IGG Token Statistics (10/12/2018)

  • Circulating Supply: ~11,500,000,000
  • Total Supply: 50,000,000,000
  • IGG Transfers: 209,888
  • Token Holders on TRONSCAN: 32,000

Super Representative (SR) Updates
Intergalactic-Gaming currently sits at number 20 in the SR elections, which we are both proud and thankful for. The IG Tech team are working around the clock to ensure productivity of the network and that we carry out our promise to our voters. We have therefore increased SR Reward IGG rates to 300% until the IG Alpha platform arrives. This past week, we also retrospectively distributed 1,184,217 IGG that covered Loyalty Rewards following the initiation of Phase 2. The Loyalty Rewards specifically aim to show our appreciation to holders of IGG as we continue to make vital steps.

Please follow the link to a shared spreadsheet where you can view what rewards you received:

To do so, simply search your wallet address using the ‘Find’ function.

If you have not already voted, remember to vote Intergalactic-Gaming for SR; to do so, you will need to freeze your TRX. Please note that all our rewards will cease if we fall out of the top 27. #IG4SR

Intergalactic Gaming SR Productivity:

  • Blocks Produced: 21,918
  • Blocks Missed: 64
  • Productivity: 99.71%
  • Votes: 178,342,179 (2.49%)

Developments within the Intergalactic Ecosystem
Regulation on DEX

From our understanding, token delistings on the DEX are a result of insufficient liquidity. TRON have required that all coins maintain a float of 1 million TRX to be listed. At present, we have more than sufficient liquidity within the DEX; as we have fulfilled these requirements, we urge all not to worry.

You can see our liquidity in TRX on TRON Market Cap below:

IGG on the DEX
We announced that we have withdrawn 3.5 million TRX and 105 million IGG from TRON’s DEX. This withdrawal has been carried for several reasons. The most prominent is due to the listing of IGG on a top 50 exchange on Coin Market Cap early next month. Please note that we have done so safe in the knowledge that we fulfil all of TRON’s requirements for the DEX; notwithstanding, please expect market volatility.

IGG Features in The Global Coin Report
This past week, IG featured in The Global Coin Report as one of TRON’s most exciting upcoming tokens. We are honoured that IGG has featured on this report; it further demonstrates the excitement surrounding our Intergalactic Gaming Gold…as a TRC10…presently.

IGG Listed on New Exchange
IG are proud to announce that IGG has been listed on the CryTrEx Exchange. CryTrEx Exchange is a TRON based organisation in Italy that unlike the DEX is based on orders rather than the Bancor Protocol.

We look forward to seeing CryTrEx’s development as the TRON token ecosystem grows. We will continue to support other organisations and tokens within the TRON Network. We have shown our intent of becoming an integral presence steering the future of TRON. This is the start of many more reputable exchanges IGG will be added to, which of course will increase liquidity to thus sustain the IG ecosystem.

Developments to look forward to this month in the IGGalaxy

  • Meeting Yannick Bolasie
  • Arrival of the Alpha platform (more info to be released this week)
  • The IG Alpha Cup £2500 prize pool (nb. this tournament may take place in early January)
  • New Esports Teams Join the IGGalaxy

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